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We must work together to address climate change


From: Patrick Boozhoo

Regarding “Report suggests climate science is in state of flux” letter:

My initial reaction when I read this letter was anger and I wrote a response that catered more toward pointing out differences and would ultimately only feed division and invoke the let’s tear them down and point out their flaws for the side that already knows the truth about our responsibility and part in climate change. But if we’re truly going to work together to slow the natural cycle we’ve helped to accelerate and recognize the problems it creates, then bridges are what we need to be building and not walls. In the words of a dear friend, my words were not “Minnesota Nice.”

First off, I understand letters to the editor are opinions and everyone is entitled to one but that the Post chose to publish this without pausing to consider how fictitious it was is troubling. What bothers me is people in the community read this and may have thought that anthropologic climate change (caused or produced by humans) might be in doubt. It isn’t.

Although there are valid studies that have pointed out how the formulas used by the IPCC models may not incorporate new findings (the influence of galactic cosmic ray cloud formation), those models are one of many hundreds of proven scientific theories that illustrate the impact of humans on climate. There are experiments that you can do in your own home that prove it as well. Ninety-seven percent of the scientific community agree that it’s real. So, who are the three percent that don’t agree, are they modern-day Einsteins trying to help humanity move forward with solid science?

The opinion claims to quote a new scientific study in Nature but what the letter is quoting is a non-peer reviewed paper from a member of Clexit, a climate change denier group financed by ... you guessed it, Big Oil. The actual paper quoted is “No experimental evidence for the significant anthropogenic climate change” by Jyrki Kauppinen and Pekka Malmi, a couple of Finnish scientists that are being torn to shreds by the scientific community for writing the paper and failing to follow the scientific method, and although they denounce climate models, they use one to prove their own theory.

As appealing as it may be to live a world where our actions have no consequences, that’s just not reality. The reality is that we have some difficult work ahead of us as a species if we want to continue to exist. The sooner we stop enabling people’s fantasies and lining the pockets of the Big Oil, the sooner we can all work together to make some positive change.


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